Passionate Photographer for Women. Mindset Junkie.

I help women reconnect with themselves by rediscovering their inner and outer beauty and overcoming their fear of their own reflection in images. My photo shoots give women more self-esteem and visibility.

I am a self-confessed couch potato – preferably with a good book and a cup of tea in my hand and my dog ​​at my feet.

Nevertheless, there is barely anything I love more than being able to show women how beautiful & wonderful they are. And enabling them a unique and exclusive photoshoot experience  where they can recognize their own individuality and beauty.

It’s your time to shine!

Every woman deserves to have beautiful photos of herself!

Images that you love and that reflect who you are as a woman. No artificial, over-retouched photos with unnatural makeup & styling. Instead images that emphasize your true beauty, your wonderful features and reflect your unique and wonderful personality in a natural way.


Real Images


















































How would you like to be photographed?



Lifestyle Portraits are authentic photos in everyday settings. The mood of situations and moments is captured naturally, and without too much posing.

Perfect for Personal Branding Images.



Contemporary Beauty Portraits where you can (re)discover how beautiful and unique you are.

It’s more than just an image but a truly special Portrait experience with priceless memories.

Its time to fall in love with (pictures) of yourself!


You might not like being photographed because the images never look like you, they aren’t flattering or you might even think that you are not photogenic.


-Having authentic and real images of your true, wonderful self is THE ultimate self-worth and success booster.

I know from my own experience, and from being a photographer for women – having photographed well over 500 women thus far -, just how powerful and uplifting a photo-shoot is – and how much fun!

It is my job to make you feel 100% comfortable during the whole experience.

And that you take home the most beautiful photos of yourself that you have ever had!

HOW? You might ask?


Quite simply by making you feel relaxed and at ease before, during and after the photo session. We will get to know each other pretty well before you have even set a foot into my studio.

So when the day of the Photo-Shoot arrives, you will come prepared, relaxed and excited. You will be pampered and well looked after and I will guide you through the whole day and the photoshoot.


Any hesitation and uncertainty of being in front of the camera will disappear the minute you step into my cosy & welcoming studio!









What can I say? Usually I prefer being behind the camera and feel uncomfortable being photographed. But Karin, you really have a very special gift! Thanks for making me feel so comfortable and relaxed, I loved every moment and am in love with my images!


Thank you Karin, it was truly a wonderful experience! It is what I wanted as a Birthday gift and what I needed to cheer myself up.

You know you have a real gift Karin! The beauty of my pictures comes also from your kindness, sweetness and beautiful soul!


It was really inspiring to see you do your work. You are shining positive energy and it is contagious…;) I felt really good after the session the photoshoot helped change the way I see myself.

Karin is truly the best photographer for women!



THANKS, I looooove the photos… I’m totally thrilled! You are an absolutely brilliant photographer and I will definitely come back to you next time!



Thanks again for the great day … Your loving, empathetic and cheerful manner helped me a lot … I really enjoyed myself though I was very nervous beforehand. Many thanks for your great tips and the wonderful photos!





Emotional storytelling with natural and casual photos in everyday situations. Pictures that capture you easily while reading, walking, cooking, drinking tea, doing yoga, being creative… The main focus is on capturing the moment.

This Photo-Session is about expressing who you are. It’s about showing your unique personality.  Lifestyle images are less posed than regular portraits. Sessions can be held at the studio, outdoors or on location and this session is ideal if you want to have relaxed, informal photos.

The Lifestyle Portrait Session is also perfect as a Personal Branding Photo-Shoot for your Website & Social Media.

Having a strong personal brand is absolutely essential if you want to grow in your business or career. I’m here to help you up-level your visual branding through authentic brand & portrait photography.





















The Beauty VIP Day is about so much more than just having a beautiful photo of yourself!

It is a very special experience which gives you a break from everyday life, from every day you. It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself and (re)discover your true wonderful, beautiful self and fall in love again. With yourself, with life and with your images.

I will guide you through the whole photo shoot experience and will make sure you have a unique, wonderful experience.

Your VIP day lasts from approx. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and includes Make-Up & Styling, numerous outfit changes, on the spot posing instructions, a live same-day viewing of your images, a wonderful Photo-Box with your favorite images and much more!

The only thing you have to do is sign up for this unique experience and look forward to being pampered. And I can assure you that you will enjoy the day, have fun and that your photos will be stunning!



















My Mission:

Love yourself. Love your life. Love your business.


As women, we often strive to be perfect. To be and do what we think is expected of us. To look like the current beauty model.  And don’t see how beautiful and valuable we are already!

Being a woman, I know from my own experience that we quite often don’t like our own reflection in the mirror and dislike photos of ourselves. But I also know how powerful a photo shoot can be for your own self-esteem and self-confidence.

This is exactly where I support and help women! So that they can see and learn to love themselves in all their own uniqueness and enough-ness.

Cause do you know what lights up my day?

Being able to make women feel, own and celebrate their worthiness and enabling them to be more visible, for themselves, for their loved ones and for their career or business.

Besides that I am a Happy Wife, Sunseeker, Bookworm, Foodlover, Proud Dog Mum and Hazelnut-Crumble Praline Lover and Disliker of Brown Bananas, Green Peppers and Mean People. And obviously a passionate Portrait Photographer for Women.


Not found the right offer yet?


No problem, I’m happy to advise you individually and create the perfect package just for you!

Just send me an E-Mail to book a free consultation and we will have a relaxed chat about your dream Photo-Shoot and how I can best support you.


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